Volunteer hosts are at the camp to direct hikers, provide orientation, and generally keep the place running during the weekend. Parking is limited so go early! Last Hiked: 4-6-2017 Trail Segments: From the Trailhead (T1 on Map) at Chantry Flat take the Gabrieleno Trail--an asphalt road--down to the Hermit Falls Trail. Sturtevant Falls is one of the few waterfall hikes in Southern California where pets are permitted, so the trails here attract everyone from families to hardcore backpackers, but most of the casual hikers confine themselves to the Sturtevant Falls trail. Indicate that you want packing when filling out the reservation form. The content on this website may not be copied or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission.HOME ♦ PRIVACY POLICY ♦ TERMS, Affiliate Disclosure: We receive compensation from companies whose products or services are used, referenced, or reviewed regardless of whether we endorse or criticize them. Le sentier longe une cascade et sa difficulté est évaluée comme difficile. Same rules apply as a Friday arrival. Sturtevant Falls is a nice short 3.5 mile RT in the Chantry Flats area. This past Sunday, I took a trip to hike Santa Anita Canyon in Arcadia, California with four good friends to find Sturtevant Falls. If you have any questions that do not seem to be answered by the various website pages, please contact Deb Burgess at 626.447.7356 or dburgess@sturtevantcamp.com. The main kitchen is commercial-style with everything needed to serve groups up to 60, including table-service, […] No electric outlets, no wi-fi, no cell phone access. Fiddler's Crossing. There was a nice water fall today - Sturtevant Falls- due to some rain during the week, so it was really pretty. For the decades of the "Great Hiking Era" (1895-1938) legions of hikers trod the famous Sturdevant Trail to enjoy the delights of Big Santa Anita Canyon. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités et est accessible toute l'année. PHOTOS DIRECTIONS VIDEO MORE INFO. Sturtevant Falls is an excellent choice for a city getaway. Only the rattle snake is poisonous and mostly seen off trail (so stay on the trail!). I … more. The camp is run under Sturtevant Conservancy. The Sturtevant Falls trail is wider and more heavily traveled and does end with an impressive waterfall. See more ideas about Sturtevant falls, Sturtevant, Fall. No motorized vehicles. Who the heck knew Southern California had so much green in it?! Follow the Hermit Falls Trail to 3/4 Mile JCT, turn right and… Otherwise, stand your ground, make yourself big by raising your hands. 3.3 miles 400 feet: 34.1955,-118.0225: 605: Spruce Grove Camp This out and back hike follows the canyon above Sturtevant Falls to a backcountry campground with seven first-come first-serve sites. This short trail crosses the stream multiple times and goes past some of the areas man-made waterfalls. The trail in is a little over four mile hike from the parking lot at Chantry Flat, north of the City of Sierra Madre, California. We recovered our car at around 1:45pm, which should give you an idea of how far down the road that I had parked.. Sturtevant Falls with some people basking in its mist 27-May 2019:. Although a person could ride a horse or mule, there are none locally to rent. Saturday arrival is a different story. Wilson or Newcomb Saddle. Alternatively, you may reserve a parking spot in the private lot managed by Adams’ Pack Station for $30 per night. Abandoned Cabin. Common facilities include a spacious dining hall, an industrial kitchen and a game room with fireplace and piano. Unlike most hikes, you will start hiking on a steep incline going down first. www.sturtevantcamp.com/fire. Lower Gabrielino Trail. Les chiens sont les bienvenus sur ce sentier mais seulement en laisse. Living in a city leaves one feeling winded. Sturtevant Camp is not just located in the Angeles National Forest, but it is located in true wilderness, just miles from the city. Along the way, we saw lots of cars with purple envelopes on the windshield. Posted by Becky on May 28, 2016 July 7, 2016. The bathhouse and retreat cabin have hot showers and sinks, flush toilets, toilet paper and paper towels. Sturtevant Falls. The Practical Sturtevant Camp What the Camp provides for you: The cabins include covered mattresses, sheets, blankets, pillows, and propane wall heaters. Sturtevant Falls “A beautiful trail is this of Sturtevant’s, passing from shadow to sunshine and from sunshine to shadow again, its higher stretches companioning the tumbling waters of a foamy, energetic mountain brook, the Big Santa Anita, called Big, as I take it, not because it is really big, but because Little Santa Anita is less. You really had to be careful and watch where you were going. Making noise will also move him/her on. It had been raining off and on all day but we went anyway. If you encounter a bear, retreat if possible. Log in, My wife and I love chasing waterfalls! I’ve heard great things about Hermit Falls from multiple people. [more], Copyright 2020 World Of Waterfalls, All Rights Reserved She was born with a rare syndrome call Focal Dermal Hypoplasia also known as Goltz Syndrome. Santa Anita Wash. Big Santa Anita Canyon . You will find that it is quite relaxing. Like most waterfalls in the Southern California area, the popularity and splendor of the falls make them an experience to remember. Boulder Field. Sturtevant Falls was named for canyon pioneer Wilbur M. Sturtevant, who carved out a trail in the 1890s and built his Sturtevant Camp trail resort two miles up canyon from the falls. Come and enjoy smaller creatures such as gray squirrel, fox, racoon, and skunk. Now before I continue with my review of Hermit Falls I want to just say this is my own personal opinion of the falls and it is based on my one and only visit to them. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, visit their website or Facebook page. We have several varieties of snake such as rattle, gopher, racer, and California king snakes. Explore HC's Foodventure's photos on Flickr. Please be prepared to be off the grid for your stay. 16.3k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘sturtevantfalls’ hashtag Clearly, they were victims of getting tickets from the local sheriff. Sturtevant Falls is one of the Los Angeles waterfall hikes. Very narrow rocky trails with very steep drop-offs. Dec 14, 2012 - Explore Wendy Johnson's board "Sturtevant Falls" on Pinterest. From here you can take the trail upstream about 1.5 miles to Sturtevant Falls. Weekdays have always been the best. Just take Santa Anita to the top of the mountain, and you will see a parking lot (there is a fee) and a store. Kid friendly. People are most concerned about these larger animals and really should not be if some caution is used. A hike-in mountain resort & event venue operating in Big Santa Anita Canyon of Southern California since 1893, Please read our Bobcat Fire damage report, our roadmap to recovery, and how you can help in our efforts: Visiting Sturtevant Falls doesn't have to be difficult. I lived by Fletcher park....we called ourselves the…, Just went today with my husband and friend. The Sturtevant Falls hike is one of the easiest and most rewarding hikes you can do in the Los Angeles area. The camp is open to the public and rental cabins are available from 2 to 40 people. We stayed in the Retreat Cabin, which sleeps up to six and costs $270 per … Not only that someone decided not to be so…. Continuing to Sturtevant Falls. Once at the trail head you descend a paved service road into Big Santa Anita Canyon. There are dozens of bird species to spot and vistas to enjoy by hiking to Mt. Subscribe and get exclusive curated content delivered to your inbox every Wednesday. Read more: The Cabins • Sturtevant Lodge • Fireplace Room • Camp Kitchen. Sturtevant Falls ~ May 28th 2016. Now while it does have a steep decline during the first half-mile, which turns into a steep incline for the last half mile when you are hiking back, the trail is only around 3.6 miles round trip and is suitable for most people to do with ease. Or, downstream about 1.5 miles is Hermit Falls. Parking is extremely difficult to find unless you arrive by 6:00 or 6:30 am. Waiting for you finished to walk up the hill back, that's tough. The walk was long but worth it. This was a pretty cool waterfall. We are a hike-in camp dating back to the “Great Hiking Era”. Sturtevant Trail [FERMÉ] est un sentier aller-retour de 11.3 miles très fréquenté situé près de Sierra Madre, Californie. There are a number of detours and side trails so explore at your whim. The 50-foot waterfall usually flows year-round and can be quite impressive if there has been recent rain. We also have an outdoor chapel/gallery for presentations, entertainment and spiritual services. Hiking to Sturtevant Falls. Southern California: Reviews of Travel Resources, Chantry Flats to Stuartevant Falls – Lots of stories and photo ops, Such fun was had by all (Sturtevant Falls), This Year Bummed Me Out (Sturtevant Falls), User-submitted Waterfall Write-up of the Month, and the latest news and updates both within the website as well as around the wonderful world of waterfalls. Final Thoughts: Sturtevant Falls. Sturtevant Camp is located in the upper reaches of Big Santa Anita Canyon, in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California. The natural surroundings provide many sightseeing opportunities: the big spruce trees, ferns, chaparral and wildflowers. I'm not in the best shape but I made it and I would say it wasn't bad. As such, the forest is a host to a multitude of wildlife. Sturtevant Camp is located in the upper reaches of Big Santa Anita Canyon, in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California. To get to Sturtevant Falls, start from Chantry Flats and head down the paved road toward Roberts Camp, a quaint collection of quiet cabins surrounded by ivy-covered oaks and bays. Trailhead. This turn-of-the-century resort camp definitely isn’t abandoned, but you probably won’t see any of its residents. All you have to do is start walking. Sturtevant Falls will get your feet wet with this small bit of urban wilderness, but it's up to you to discover more. Sturtevant Falls in the Angeles National Forest tumbles 75 feet down mossy rocks into an especially clear pool, where hikers and furry companions stand to soak up the mist. We are a hike-in camp dating back to the “Great Hiking Era”. Up past the falls into Winter…, I grew up in El Monte Ca during a time when the city was spending a goodly amount of money on the parks service basically having all the parks staffed daily during the summer by college student whose main job was to organize activities for us kids. HC's Foodventure has uploaded 5567 photos to Flickr. The bath house, separated for men and women, has flush toilets and hot showers. Cabin rates are from $90 – $320 per night. Also, the falls at the end is always a nice treat (even though it's not as glorious in the summer). After getting a later start to the day and pre-gaming the hike with In-N-Out because millennials, we arrived at the park just after 1pm. Get over the hump of the mid-week blues! Sturtevant Falls This out and back hike visits a 60-foot waterfall in a lush cottage-lined canyon. We are independently owned so content written by us merely reflect our own opinions. Trailhead: Chantry Flat Trail: Chantry Flat to Hermit Falls, Sturtevant Falls, and Spruce Grove Campground Stats: 9.7 miles, 1970' of gain and loss. Read the Packing Services page for more info. Activities at Sturtevant Camp includes volleyball, badminton, ping-pong, shuffleboard, horseshoes, croquet, big swing, games, self-guided nature walk and, of course, splashing in the creek. The Sturtevant Falls Trail is one of the most popular hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains at Chantry Flat Road, Arcadia, CA 91006. The entire camp is run by volunteers, from the Board of Directors, to camp hosts, and maintenance people. A great half day adventure from LA. Passes are sold at Adams’ Pack Station Friday to Sunday for $5 (or you can purchase an annual pass for $30). It's a somewhat steep hike down a paved path and then a pretty hike along a nice stream. Is It Necessary? In cool weather, cabins are warmed by propane wall heaters. Sturtevant Falls is just one of the Los Angeles waterfall hikes,lot of people from the sprawling city of the west looking to get away from the hustle. Thank you. Make sure you purchase an adventure day pass or if you hike often enough, I suggest getting the annual pass. Moderate 3.1 mile hike. Just like it was in the “Great Hiking Era”, the only way to get to camp is to hike. From the lower parking lot, take the paved road, Forest Route 2N40, down to Roberts Camp where there is a trail junction with the Lower Winter Creek Trail #11W15. The trail in is a little over four mile hike from the parking lot at Chantry Flat, north of the City of Sierra Madre, California. 3.2+ miles round trip (depending on parking), Chantry Flats to Stuartevant Falls for years (try, over a fifty year time frame) was a favorite hike of ours. What to … Footbridge. Or both. Top 10 List of Best Southern California Waterfalls, “The Gathering” (Sturtevant Falls – May 27, 2019), “Three Week Retry” (Sturtevant Falls – January 18, 2015), “Center of Attention” (Sturtevant Falls – April 7, 2013), “Failure To Be The Early Bird” (Sturtevant Falls – March 1, 2009), Top 10 Best Southern California Waterfalls. Southern California Waterfalls: When Is The Best Time To See Them? Sturtevant Falls is in Santa Anita Canyon and usually accessed from Chantry Flat. The most interesting are the black bears that are actually more brown in color. I have been dying to get my daughter out hiking with me, but I have not been able to yet. Lodging consists of four roomy guest cabins, each sleeping eight, the cozy Honeymoon Cottage, and the homelike, self-contained Retreat Cabin. https://www.mapquest.com/us/california/sturtevant-falls-367216816 Route to this Waterfall . Often two or three times per week by either of the two low-end approaches; occasionally from Wilson parking lot or even Red Box. This past Sunday, 7 of us went on the hike hoping to have a great time, but there was no water... Water was still and dirty for not moving much. The hike to reach it offers a chance to explore a scenic canyon and features some dramatic mountain views. It is administered by the USDA Forest Service. For your trip to this rustic location, the friendly donkeys of Adams’ Pack Station will take your personal items and food for a mere $1 per pound. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/sturtevant-falls-trail If you want to check out Sturtevant Falls while you are down here (which you should), then when you reach the sign where you crossed the water for the first time, it will point you in the direction of Roberts Trail. In fact, our passion for waterfalling is so strong that we’ve not only traveled the world looking for them, but we’ve created this website to share our personal experiences with you! It offers a decent amount of exercise, scenery, and rejuvenation for the body and mind. Beautiful waterfall at the end You will need to display an Adventure Pass on your car for each day you are gone. Only the squirrels are seen during the day as the others are very nocturnal. Hermit Falls was also very crowded, but no where near the level of Sturtevant. The Sturtevant Falls hike began at the Chantry Flat Fire Road. We went in early March and there was plenty of water. This trail is popular, and you are likely to encounter plenty of other enthusiasts on the way. Sturtevant Falls resides in the Angeles National Forest near Arcadia in Los Angeles County, California. If you arrive on a Friday, you should not have much difficulty finding parking in the USFS parking areas. There are both mountain lions and bobcat that are occasionally seen during the day, mostly during the night. She has few disabilities one of which she has a hard time walking long distances. The hike to the falls was fairly easy , but we also hiked above the falls and that was a little more challenging. You can book a trip to Sturtevant Camp at its website: sturtevantcamp.com. Wash at Fiddler's Crossing. Although there are electric lights in the evening, the Camp is otherwise unwired with electricity by a generator. Though the hike may be crowded on weekends, it is still one for the books. First you have to drive up to the hills, parking lot is small, you may have to park along the hill, then walk all the way down the hills to see the falls. Whether you're coming from near or far, having an idea of what is located around Sturtevant Falls can help everyone plan their trip accordingly.