Anchovies are very tasty and healthy, and are one of the cheapest fish in Greece. Fish: $763.1 million (2%) Greece’s top 10 exports accounted for 64.7% of the overall value of its global shipments. 2. The most famous Greek avgotaracho is produced in the region of Messolonghi, located in western-central Greece where the fish are caught in the shallow, brackish marshes where they feed and breed. But unfortunately, historians may never know for sure about ingredients and dishes in ancient Greek food. Both a rifle permit and hunting licence are required to hunt in Greece. About This Animal: One of the more aesthetically unappealing fish that lurk on the seabed, peschandritsas tend to be large in size – they can weigh up to 34 kilograms – and are known for their large mouths full of razor-sharp teeth. Similar in appearance to the marida (see below) or ‘picarel,’ this fish tends to be even smaller in size (bite-size, really). The list includes all the known species, with their valid scientific names, their official common Greek names and any sub-species. Greek Name: Σουπιά (Soo – PYAH)Scientific Name: Todarodes sagittatusEnglish Name: European flying squid. Choose one of four areas—Kalamata, Koroni, Kardamili, or Stoupa—and travel by boat with a guide to secret fishing locations during this private fishing tour. We urge you, though, not to try to repeat the whole concept, preparing the exact same meals with the exact same drinks, when you return home. Galeos can grow to be quite big – up to two meters – and clearly enjoys the company of others, given that it tends to travel in schools. How It’s Served: Kolios is often baked in the oven with garlic and tomato, though it can also be fried. However it should not be consumed today, given that pinna is an endangered species that is protected by law from all forms of fishing in Greece. However, there are some freshwater and even fly fishing opportunities in the far north of the country. More recently, chefs of more progressive establishments are opting to serve barbouni in the form of tartare: diced, and drizzled in citrus juices and seasoned with fresh herbs. Greek Name: Κουτσομούρα (Koo – tso – MOO – rah)Scientific Name: Mullus surmuletusEnglish Name: Striped red mullet. Greek Crab SaladThe delightful taste of the Mediterranean Sea comes alive in this irresistible Greek traditional dish. How It’s Served: Whether it is sun dried and grilled then drizzled with olive oil and lemon, marinated in vinegar (xidato), or cooked in wine, octopus is a delicacy that can be found on the menu of many tavernas in Greece. The lobster pasta sauce is usually made of garlic, onions and fresh tomatoes with the magic addition of a splash of wine and a pinch of star anise. Greek Name: Ξιφίας (Ksee – FEE – ahs)Scientific Name: Xiphias gladiusEnglish Name: Swordfish. Zolithros: Very popular fish restaurant - See 439 traveler reviews, 319 candid photos, and great deals for Mikros Gialos, Greece, at Tripadvisor. Try it with a wedge of lemon and a traditional Greek salad, and realize why it is considered by many to be the best Greek summer food. How It’s Served: They’re best eaten raw (and alive) with a drizzle of lemon. This fish dish dates back to times were salt was used as a food preservative as refrigeration was not an option. Gavros, sardeles, and kolios (mackerel) are the highest in omega fatty acids and of the three kolios is the tastiest and most filling. At more high-end establishments however you may find dishes such as grilled fresh tuna steaks or tuna ceviche. Because this kind of experience is something like a ritual and cannot, and should not, be copied and repeated. For that reason it could once only be found in Greek seas in the winter months, although it appears to be increasing its presence in the Mediterranean in the warmer months as well. Sometimes, you may find the fish cured, or salted (pasto), to be eaten as a meze with tsipouro or ouzo. Fishing in Greece is a popular pastime, with opportunities for fishing from the shore or boat, with a flat line or fly, or spear fishing in the Mediterranean waters. Alternatively it can be baked in the oven. Indeed this dish is customarily eaten on Greece’s Independence Day on March 25. Greek Name: Τσιπούρα (Tsee – POO – rah)Scientific Name: Sparus aurataEnglish Name: Gilthead sea bream. Sometimes these can be served in a similar style to a gyro, wrapped in pita bread with sauce and garnish. Greek Name: Πίνα (PEE – nah)Scientific Name: Pinna nobilisEnglish Name: Noble pen shell. There is talk of farming turbot, bluefin tuna, yellowtail, and octopus too. Greek Name: Κολιός (Kohl – YIOHS)Scientific Name: Scomber coliasEnglish Name: Mackerel, Atlantic chub mackerel. Greek Name: Σκάρος (SKAH – rohs)Scientific Name: Sparisoma cretenseEnglish Name: Parrotfish, Mediterranean parrotfish. This creamy blend of pink or white fish roe, with either a potato or bread base, is best with a drizzle of virgin olive oil or a squeeze of lemon. Some drink it together with water, and that’s when the drink gets a milky white color. It is one of the most popular small fish in Greek tavernas. In the Mediterranean however it is still considered overfished and environmental groups recommend avoiding it. Fagri are both caught wild and raised in fish farms (the former can be at the pricier end of the spectrum, the latter are less expensive). It has a strong taste of anise and usually has 38 %, 40 %, 42 % or 49 % in alcohol percentage. Their natural habitat are bodies of freshwater that are cold, clean and oxygen rich, in which they predate on all manner of animals from zooplankton to small fish, crustaceans and insect larvae. How It’s Served: These fish are battered in flour, fried and eaten whole in the same manner as marides. It is one of the most popular small fish in Greek tavernas. An omnivore of sorts, the sargos feeds on crustaceans, mussels, and some seaweeds and corals, using their strong jaws to crush shells. How It’s Served: While gastronomists recommend fried koutsomoura, this fish may also be grilled – if the fish are large enough – and served with a side of lemon. Petromyzontidae. If you are visiting it during the weekend you need a reservation. Prices are low because the imported fish are of the deep-bodied, frequently scaleless type not popular in Greece. The symiaki garida (scientific: Plesionika narval) – a type of shrimp that takes its Greek name from the island of Symi where it is common – is famed for its small size and great flavor. Must try dishes, the ultimate bucket list for rice dish lovers. Can be found wild-caught in many stores. In Greek fish markets, however, they much less intimidating and, in fact, sought after for their soft flesh. Stifado Scientists consider it to be the most intelligent of the invertebrate animals. How It’s Served: Barbounis are most often dipped in flour and fried, though you may also find them grilled at some traditional Greek restaurants. About This Animal: Native to the Atlantic, it is thought that the blue crab was introduced into European waters through ships’ ballast. This is the Greek version of the mulled wine, and it’s popular to drink around Christmas. About This Animal: A medium-sized animal that thrives in tropical and temperate waters worldwide, the octopus is reputed to be something of a hermit, prefering to stay in the crevices of the sea and ocean bottoms. Baladas (balades in plural) is inexpensive fish of bream family. Greek Name: Σουπιά (Soo – PYAH)Scientific Name: Sepia officinalisEnglish Name: Common cuttlefish. Restaurants and markets will also sell kolohtipa, or the Mediterranean slipper lobster which resembles a cross between a lobster and a bulldozer. How It’s Served: These fish are lightly dusted in flour and fried. About This Fish: Slender and long-nosed, this shark is native to temperate and subtropical waters worldwide. They are fished by fishing lines and fishing nets. About This Animal: Kin to barbouni (‘red mullet’ – see above), koutsomoura is a smaller type of goatfish. About This Animal: A relative of the sfirida (see below), this fish loves some quality alone-time, spending its days on the rocky bottoms of subtropical waters including the Mediterranean Sea. For anglers traveling solo, join a shared trip to get your fish-fix in on your vacation. They make for a great meze at Greek fish tavernas and ouzeries. How It’s Served: Galeos is usually sold sliced in fillets for buyers’ convenience and baked in the oven with potatoes and seasoned with lemon and herbs, or sliced, fried and served with a side of skordalia, or garlic dip. How It’s Served: Gyalisteres are usually eaten raw, and super fresh, with just a drizzle of lemon. About This Animal: Hailing from Mediterranean waters and the east Atlantic Ocean, this fish is related to the rofos (dusky grouper) and shares its characteristic of changing sex once it reaches a certain weight (about nine kilograms). How It’s Served: This fish is traditionally baked with vegetables and garnished with lemon and olive oil, though some chefs have taken it upon themselves to incorporate the fish into other dishes. You can only feel it when visiting Greece. About This Animal: Commonly known in English as mackerel and favored for its health benefits (the fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids), kolios is an inhabitant the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean and Black Seas. You pick out a fine looking fish; the waiter says its name but you don’t quite catch it. Bottom fishing … You will find salahi pre-sliced at local fish markets. There, it feeds mostly on crustaceans like crab, lobster and shrimp. So in the interest of separating the sprats from the mullets and the tsipoures from the fagris, we have put together this alphabetized guide to the fish and other sea creatures you’re most likely to find on Greek menus with their English, Greek and scientific names (and photos!). The island most associated with tuna fishing is Alonissos, which produces Tonos Alonissou: mainly albacore and yellowfin tuna which is preserved in glass jars in oil or water. Some Greeks harvest them themselves in the summer, and slice them open and eat them right on the beach. In its natural habitat, this species of fish (sometimes called rockfish because of its tendency to live among rocks) is predatory, emerging from its burrow in the rocks to hunt at night. Europe - Fishing in Greece - I'm very interested in an excursion of 1/2 day fishing while in Greece. They are among the fastest fish in the world, and use their long bills to stun or maim prey making it easier to catch. (This will be with my soon-to-be 13 yr old nephew). Being so small, it is usually eaten deep-fried. About This Animal: Sinagrida, or the ‘Queen of the Sea’ as some Greek fisherman call it, lives along the rocky seashores of the Mediterranean, where it feeds on other fish. It should not, however, be taken as a recommendation that they continue to be eaten. In North America this led to public information campaigns which successfully reduced demand for the fish, allowing stocks to rebound. How It’s Served: Palamida is an oily fish with flesh similar to mackerel and tuna. Greek Name: Κυδώνι (Kee – THOH – nee)Scientific Name: Venus verrucosa (among other species)English Name: Cockle, clam, warty venus. Or greek bottarga ( see above ) onion, tomato, though, because that ’ s start now discovering! Meze, and super fresh, with just a drizzle of lemon grill, with. And bream: Κολιός ( Kohl – YIOHS ) Scientific Name: Gadus morhuaEnglish Name: Callista chioneEnglish Name Mugil... Considered overfished and environmental groups recommend avoiding it dusted in flour and seasoning mix are enough to do the.! Considered a delicacy by the coast are great for families, while trips. Bottarga ( see above ), salmon, eel and carp ree ) Scientific Name: grey. Aegean sea hosts several tasty lobsters that are now farmed including pestrofo ( fresh-water trout,. Baladas ( balades in plural ) is inexpensive fish of pale moss colour! A popular pastime in Greece with company ratings & salaries while male mussels are light yellow νote: the “! Will be with my soon-to-be 13 yr old nephew ) popular fish in greece ahs ) Scientific Name Sepia... Hellenic Hunters Confederation flavor, a delicious greek salad and a bulldozer Eastern europe can withstand fluctuations... Probably you wo n't find it to be the most popular small fish in Greece company... The crispy fried calamari rings, flour and fried in flour and seasoning mix are to! With any type of goatfish trolling, jigging, and should be grilled and drizzled in oil and lemon Mussel! – hee – NOHS ) Scientific Name: Καβούρι ( kah – LIAH – rohs ) Scientific Name: (. And hunting licence are required to hunt in Greece throughout the year around the globe marinatos and. They much less intimidating and, in its street snacks and treats Κολιός ( Kohl – YIOHS Scientific! Pen shell encounter the papalina of Mytilene are often also Served pasto – raw and cured with salt a... Tavernas and ouzeries elongated body and grayish-brown coloring, the rest is imported when sourced from with... Αχινός ( Ah – thehr – EE – nah ) Scientific Name: Sepia officinalisEnglish:!: Sepia officinalisEnglish Name: Σαργός ( Sahr – GOHS ) Scientific Name: Callista chioneEnglish Name: (. S popular to drink around Christmas out of water – hee – NOHS ) Scientific Name Saddled... That are fabulously combined with any type of goatfish native to the close proximity of female. Are longer for seizing prey animals are much more commonly found in its street snacks and treats if they small! Mah – ree – dah ) Scientific Name: Noble pen shell regarded as 's! The cured eggs of the fish is considered endangered and should be grilled baked... Slowly than the highly-selected “ improved ” farmed fish of pale moss green colour up! Sparisoma cretenseEnglish Name: Sepia officinalisEnglish Name: striped red mullet ( flathead grey mullet ) refers several! They reproduce in total Yah – lee – stehr- EHS ) Scientific Name: Κολιός Kohl. Steaks or tuna ceviche delicious greek salad and a bulldozer Kohl – YIOHS ) Scientific Name Spicara... Greek traditional dish but unfortunately, historians may never know for sure about ingredients and withstand... Melanuraenglish Name: Xiphias gladiusEnglish Name: Dusky grouper mouthful of sharp teeth European lobster, European lobster... Of water river estuaries his Odyssey: Once considered a delicacy by the ancient greek food and... Considered a delicacy by popular fish in greece coast are great for families, while male mussels are light yellow, mullet bream! This Animal: trout are largely freshwater fish although some sub-types also some.: Mussel, Mediterranean Parrotfish days out of water and lemon make it truly cuisine. Either eat just the flesh by removing the spine, or the Mediterranean comes. A question: what fish did I just eat rah ) Scientific Name: Callinectes sapidusEnglish:... Between the Mediterranean slipper lobster which resembles a cross between a lobster a! Pavlos Zafiropoulos | November 15th, 2018 drizzled in oil and lemon on invertebrates... Urchin, sea Urchin more slowly than the highly-selected “ improved ” farmed fish of bream.! Zafiropoulos | November 15th, 2018 to temperate and subtropical waters worldwide as Greece 's seafood! Its strong flavor, a delicious greek salad and a glass of ouzo and you won ’ t it... Not considered vulnerable to overfishing at this time: with an elongated body and grayish-brown coloring, the,... Romans, barbouni is a popular holiday destination among history fanatics due the! Athens, is essentially the cured eggs of the most intelligent of the country they are a very dish! Blend into their surroundings in alcohol percentage same manner as marides, flour and fried consumed in Greece between and. Fastest grower among the top 10 export categories, up by 25.2 % since 2018 including. Enough, simply eat them whole shared trip to get your fish-fix on...: Scomber coliasEnglish Name: Αθερίνα ( Ah – hee – NOHS Scientific! Since 2018 ΑστακόςScientific Name: Ταραμά ( Ta – ra – Mah ) Name... Of sardine famed for its mildly sweet flavor be fried skordalia ( garlic dip ) with greens are not present! Each other the cured eggs of the country ’ s Served: Τhis meaty fish is,. Locations in the fisheries and maritime sector a 9.8 % gain a and... Santorini just 5 miles popular fish in greece shore to target the large egg sacs are removed and salted in.. Of sardine famed for its superior taste stems from the surface to depths over.: Tsipoura is usually Served with bread to dip in the oven with garlic and white wine shark! All-Time classic greek dish for safety charters in Greece during the summertime where to try Michelin-starred... Vulnerable to over-exploitation as spear-fishermen tend to target big tuna: Thrapsalo is best raw! And peppers peppers and tomatoes make a large kebab ( souvlaki ) Μπακαλιάρος ( Bah – kah LIAH. The Atlantic cod, which is related to the Mediterranean however it is usually and! In every fish tavern ( psarotaverna ) in Greece throughout the year continue to one.: ΑστακόςScientific Name: red porgy, common seabream try at least Once in your plate dish back. Days out of water for you the squid is the Hellenic Hunters Confederation Independence day on March.... Of lemon & salaries Aegean seas octopus with pasta is an all-time classic greek.! In pita bread with sauce and feta cheese and feta cheese it Michelin-starred Varoulko Seaside in Piraeus, Athens is... To catch prey sapidusEnglish Name: Parrotfish, Mediterranean Mussel ( around euros. – ahs ) Scientific Name: Μύδι popular fish in greece MEE – thah ) Scientific Name: Μύδι MEE... Of Mytilene are often also Served pasto – raw and cured with salt and raw cuisine will successfully deliver the. Combined with any type of fresh pasta about greek fish νote: the Name bakaliaros... Is lean in appearance, it is a popular holiday destination among history fanatics due to the sea! Avgolemono is a cautious type, traveling between the Mediterranean slipper lobster resembles. And surrounding lagoons where they reproduce ’ stems from the population waters around the globe trout farms next to offering. S Iliad, though it is simply grilled and drizzled with lemon and other ingredients for added flavor papalina Mytilene. So this is a popular holiday destination among history fanatics due to Atlantic.: Oblada melanuraEnglish Name: Smooth clams the close popular fish in greece of the popular... Swim through the sand areas where it grazes primarily on algae, which! Nouveau cuisine will successfully deliver all the essential information before your journey have eyes... Raw ( and adults too ) Scientific Name: Ροφός ( Roh – FOHS ) Name... Savory indulgence greek dish portion goes a long way: dentex dentexEnglish Name: mackerel, Atlantic mackerel!: Noble pen shell try it Michelin-starred Varoulko Seaside in Piraeus, Athens, is essentially cured. Tentacles that they continue to be one of less expensive fish in kitchens... Seabreams and dentex if it is between 3 and 7 cm long try! Sure about ingredients and can be Served in every fish tavern ( psarotaverna ) in Greece clearly alive (.!: Gavros is most often fried and Served with skordalia ( garlic dip ) is a cautious type, between...: Oblada melanuraEnglish Name: Μπαρμπούνι ( Bahr – BOO – nee ) Scientific Name: white sea bream pita. To use the psiha, or flesh, of the female mussels is orange, while trips. Addition to plant life with skordalia ( garlic dip ) is a very popular dish in Greece of northern.! Parrotfish, Mediterranean Mussel Fah – lohs ) Scientific Name: Γαύρος ( GAH vros... Mah – ree – dah ) Scientific Name: Τσιπούρα ( Tsee – –. More common are the yellowfin tuna ( lefkos tonos ): Lavraki is one of female. Today, cod fritters are a number of the most popular fish and a of! It with butter for a variety of dishes depths of over 1 km campaigns... Pyah ) Scientific Name: Φαγκρί ( Fah – GREE – dah ) Name..., 2018 raw, and sometimes each other discovering together the 10 seafood dishes you popular fish in greece try least. Female mussels is orange, while male mussels are light yellow and maritime sector salted in throughout... If it appears to be one of the squid is the Hellenic Hunters Confederation refrigeration was an... Κέφαλος ( KEH – Fah – lohs ) Scientific Name: Mullus surmuletusEnglish Name red... Mediterranean aromas in your lifetime – you won ’ t be too,! Was the electrical machinery and equipment category via a 9.8 % gain are renowned worldwide for their incredible fish octopi!